Are you angry? Sebastian Vettel continues to speak of Ferrari: «It is something exaggerated»

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel he stopped being a team driver Ferrari after four years in which he could not achieve the objectives he set for himself. The German will be the team’s driver Aston martin in 2021, and he faces the future with more than renewed hope. However, in the interviews he gave after the end of the season, Vettel remains somewhat nostalgic with Ferrari.

In the last hours, Sebastian Vettel gave an interview with the Swiss media Blick and spoke again about the Ferrari team. After several accusations on his part after a few races, the German made it clear that he does not believe the team will boycott his car. Also, I talk about performance comparisons with your partner, Charles Leclerc.

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Vettel assured that he does not have bad memories after the years spent at Ferrari. “When you’ve been in a team for so many years, there are always good things and some not so good. We have gone through crises together, it is something normal, I have also been part of the good times; to say that it was painful is something of an exaggeration, “he said.


Despite noting that the car between him and his partner were the same, Vettel left the door open to change. “In theory, Charles and I have been driving two different cars, but also the same in some way. Let’s put it this way: I assume we had the same material, since I trust the guys on my team. I don’t want to attack or say anything bad about any of them.


Finally, the four-time World Champion highlighted that he thought about the possibility of retiring at the end of the year. “Since I knew I was not going to stay at Ferrari, I kept wondering what I was going to do in 2021. Most of the seats were already taken, but Formula 1 has always been very important to me. Mind you, I realized I still had a wish in there, which is why I got in touch with the new Aston Martin team. “

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