Boffelli’s numbers in Jaguars

Boffelli's numbers in Jaguars

Emiliano Boffelli’s departure marks another milestone in Jaguares, one of the great players who left superlative numbers in his five years in the team with which he played Super Rugby. The native of Rosario was in 75% of the matches since 2016 and with increasingly higher averages of minutes in the squad throughout the last five years.



The back scored 21 victories with the Argentine team in Super Rugby.

From beginning to end. This was the 25-year-old back’s journey through Jaguares, but its history, which began in Duendes, had steps through the selected M20, Pampas XV and Pumas. He began to write his history in the Argentine franchise in 2016 in the debut of the team led by Raúl Pérez at that time with a 34-33 victory against Cheetahs, in Bloemfontein, on February 26 of that year.

From start to finish, because in the last presentation of Jaguares, this year in Durban against Sharks with a 33-19 defeat, he also said present. In the middle, a lot of water ran under the bridge for a player who, both fullback and wing, was one of the highest points of the team and was present in 54 of the 72 team presentations and scored 21 tries.



The Rosario de Jaguares was distinguished at the team’s exit to the field of play for the duel with Hurricanes.

In 2016 he played 11 of the 15 games of the season of which 10 were as a starter. Only once did Pérez accommodate him as a fullback, against Kings, while in the other games he was always at the top. He scored 3 tries, against Sharks, Sunwolves and Kings, had an average of 73 minutes on the court each time he played and in total he added 646 minutes throughout the season. On the penultimate date against Kings he only spent 26 minutes on the court. He went to look for a kick to charge from Nicolás Sánchez in the air and suffered the rupture of the cruciate ligaments in his left knee. They left him off the courts for 6 months and he missed his debut with Los Pumas and the Rugby Championship with only 21 years and a lot of future ahead.

The second season of Jaguares had little filming and only appeared in 7 games of which 5 was a starter, however, he did not stop being present in the ingoal and left his signature on two occasions against two teams that had marked the year previous: Sunwolves and Kings. He played an average of 57 ‘and throughout his 7 presentations he added 403’.

The arrival of Mario Ledesma to Jaguares put Bofelli among the players most required by the now Los Pumas coach. He had perfect attendance in the 17 presentations of the season, 16 of them as a starter and Ledesma only sent him to the bench against the Sharks on the last date, but entered with 10 minutes from the end. He added 1207´, an average of 71´ per game, and scored 10 tries. He played 6 times as a fullback and in the last 5 presentations he did so in that position. Against Brumbies, he received the only yellow in Super Rugby.



The back formed in Duendes has a long-distance kick, which brought great joy to both Jaguares and Los Pumas.

The great year of Jaguares was 2019 where he played the final of the tournament against Crusaders and there the Rosario did not clash. He played 13 games and consolidated himself in the back of the court as Gonzalo Quesada put him as fullback 10 times. He scored 3 tries, 2 against the Sharks and the remaining against the Brumbies. He added 981 minutes with an average of 75 ‘per game. He closed 2020 with 6 appearances in the same number of games, 5 of them as a wing and 1 as a fullback. He added 439 ‘, with an average of 73’ per game and scored 3 tries: 2 against the Bulls and the other against the Reds.

Over the five years he added a total of 3,676 ‘in 54 games. He added 21 tries, 7 assists, broke the mark 46 times and took 52 balls from his rival. Numbers that mark the trajectory of Emiliano Boffelli in Jaguares where he left a great memory.

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