Does your thumb drop? Mick Schumacher spoke of the controversy of Nikita Mazepin

Mick Schumacher

Mick schumacher will officially debut in the Formula 1 after being champion of the Formula 2. The son of Michael Schumacher did the corresponding task to be able to reach the top category without major controversy. However, his future teammate, Nikita Mazepin he did the opposite. After two weeks, Mick talked about his partner.

The campaign against Nikita Mazepin is on an unexpected upswing. About 40,000 people held a signature meeting to show Formula 1 that it has to take action. On the other hand, Haas It has already assured that the measures taken may not be made public and that an internal investigation has begun.

Outside of Formula 1? The suggestive gestures that would condemn Nikita Mazepin

Mick Schumacher spoke after the controversy, at the awards ceremony of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The son of the seven-time World Champion, commented that the attitudes taken by the Russian pilot do not take away his sleep. “Nikita was already my partner in 2013 and 2014. He was nice and we respected each other a lot. The rest does not concern me, ”he said.

Model involved

On the other hand, the model involved in the video spoke again and gave a totally different version than the one she gave at the beginning of the controversy. In that opportunity, Andrea D’lVal he had said that Nikita Mazepin was his friend and that he would never offend a friend like that. However, these days he went further and aimed directly at the Russian.

On her Instagram account, the model shared with her fans the possibility of answering a question. The model answered if she regretted any decision in recent days and Andrea had no doubts. “Don’t let anyone touch you or disrespect you again, and don’t drink too much tequila at a party on a yacht in Dubai.” In addition, in another story he launched a request: “Protect drunk girls.”

Nikita Mazepin

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