Lewis Hamilton’s bad time after overcoming COVID-19: “I lost six kilos”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton He has already overcome one of the most difficult moments of his sports career. The Briton caught the coronavirus (COVID-19) after the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he was left with the victory, and missed the penultimate date of the Formula 1 championship. In his place was that of Williams, George Russell, which had a more than outstanding performance.

After overcoming the coronavirus, Hamilton returned on the last date of the championship. However, it could be seen that the physical condition of the seven-time champion was not up to par. In the last race, in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton finished in third position, behind Valtteri Bottas which was second and of Max verstappen who won the test from end to end.

Lewis Hamilton secured a fundamental companion for his renovation: “It will be necessary”

On social media, Lewis Hamilton shows how he is preparing to return to competition in 2021. However, the Briton assured that the physical consequences of COVID-19 were serious, adding a message of encouragement to his fans. Although he has not yet renewed his contract, Hamilton is awaiting the call of Toto wolff to be able to continue in Mercedes.

Consequences of COVID-19

Hamilton shared on his social networks how he is currently after recovering from the virus. «I have lost six kilos in the last two months, four of them when I fell ill with covid-19. I have lost a lot of muscle. I start from a low point in strength now, it is not fun but I am determined to regain my strength and be at 100 again, without effort there is no reward! “, He commented.

Christmas message

On the other hand, Hamilton sent a message of strength to his followers after going through a very hard year. I just want to send love and light. Wherever you are in the world, I know this is a difficult time, but please be positive. We are going to pass it this time, we are going to try to learn what we can do. Growth and self-love is what we need right now. I want you to know that you are special and that a lot of good awaits you in the future. I know, believe it, ”said the seven-time champion.

Lewis Hamilton

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