Messi: “It’s horrible to play without people … We are going to try to win everything”

Messi: "It's horrible to play without people ... We are going to try to win everything"

Lionel Messi, captain of Barcelona, ​​received his seventh ‘Pichichi’ that he won last season and within the framework of this recognition he said that despite the start of the season that was “difficult” for the club, “we are going to try to win everything.”

“” We are going to try to win everything, as has always been done in this club. We are growing little by little. It is true that it took us a bit to start in the League. We should not have left so many points. I think we deserved more in the games we played in the Alavés field or Getafe field, and also with Real Madrid at Camp Nou. In those three games we generated many chances to score a goal and if we had converted the situation and the games would have changed “, Leo said in an interview with the Brand Diary.

Messi agreed with his coach Ronald Koeman in the sense that there is a long way to go in the season and La Liga is not lost, despite the fact that Barça is fifth in the table.

“Now the important thing is to get a streak of good results in a few games in a row to get up there. This is very long and with the pandemic all the games are very difficult. The truth is that football has changed a lot and it is difficult for anyone, but little by little we are going to settle down ”.


Leo acknowledged that he misses the fans in the stadiums, because a game is totally different when there is the support of the people.

“A lot, it’s horrible to play without people. It’s a very ugly feeling. Not seeing anyone in the stadium is like training and it takes a lot to get into the game from the beginning. The truth is that it becomes very ugly and that is why we see very even matches. It is very difficult to win, you play against who you play.

“The pandemic has caused football to change a lot and for the worse. We are seeing it in games. Hopefully all this happens, we can get people back in the stadiums and get back to normal ”.


On the other hand, Messi referred to the celebration and tribute he paid to Diego Armando Maradona this season when, after scoring, he took off his Barcelona shirt and showed one of Newell’s where ‘Pelusa’ played, who lost his life on last November 25.

“It was a very special day. Luckily I was able to dedicate that little tribute that I had prepared. I was able to mark and show his jersey. It is a beautiful memory on a very special day for all that it means that Diego is no longer with us ”.


Leo received his seventh Pichichi, and said he was not focused on getting the eighth, as he prioritizes team achievements.

“The truth is that yes, I never imagined that I would achieve so many and surpass the mark of Zarra. It is a very great joy.

“I don’t know. I don’t really think about it. It’s not something that haunts me or worries me. I’d rather win the League again, something we didn’t achieve last season, rather than get the Pichichi, so we’ll fight for that.”

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