The borders of Saudi Arabia are closed: Is the Dakar Rally run?

Rally Dakar

The new wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps hitting the world. The pandemic virus is going through its most difficult time and affects most of the sports world. After a new, more contagious strain became known in the UK, several countries made the decision to close their borders. These countries include Saudi Arabia, headquarters of Dakar Rally 2021.

The Asian country made the decision to suspend all flights from the United Kingdom and took a series of measures before the new strain of the virus. As reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), newcomers to the country must undergo tests of PCR and carry out a very strict quarantine to be able to be in one of the most important tests of the Rally.

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Dakar Rally

From January 3 to January 15, the forty-third edition of the Dakar Rally will take place. The test will start from the city of Jeddah and will end on January 15 in the same place, after twelve very demanding stages. However, the race began to take risks after the news that arrived from Europe. One of the examples is Carlos Sainz, which will face a new edition next month.

The Saudi government has already confirmed that flights that arrive with pilots, leaders, engineers or members of the teams participating in the Rally may be present with exceptional flights. In addition, the political leaders announced that they will support the organizers of the historic test in the coming weeks.

New strain

A few days ago it was confirmed that the coronavirus had a new strain. This alerted all the health authorities, who gave details of the mutation. According to the UK authorities, the new strain is much more contagious than the original, but does not affect mortality. On the other hand, the vaccines that are being approved would not be affected by the new modifications.

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