Tremendous! Alexander Albon’s pain for leaving Formula 1: “I can’t lie to you”

Alexander Albon

The last week was a roller coaster of emotions in the team Red bull. It was confirmed that finally Sergio Perez would continue one more year and Formula 1, together with the Austrian team. For its part, Alexander Albon He would ‘descend’ to the position of reserve driver, after a very difficult year in terms of his performance. In 2020 he obtained only two podiums and did not win a race.

After a very difficult week for Alex Albon’s morale, the Thai finally came out to show his face. In his official Instagram account, Albon gave the first statements after confirming that he will not continue in the top category in 2021. Since the announcement, until this Monday, Albon had not given any official statement and everything pointed to the great discomfort.

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On the other hand, according to some media, Albon did not expect the news. So much so that in the run-up to Christmas the pilot had bought several gifts and ciders, sending them to all the members of his box and the structure. However, nothing helped, and that the Thai was unable to maintain his position alongside Max verstappen in the grid.

“I’m hurt”

In his official accounts, Albon shared the first statements after being left out of the Red Bull team. «I can’t lie to you, this is something that hurts me. I gave it my all out there, but it wasn’t enough. I want to give a huge thank you to all those who supported me throughout this year, especially my Thai fans, “began the now reserve driver of the Austrian team.

“In the face of all the different opinions that have existed, I have always had you, who have helped me overcome it. I’m not giving up, I’ve put my life into this and won’t let it stop here. I have more to give and my goal is to return by 2022 and wave the Thai flag again, “added Alex Albon to the publication.

Sergio Perez

On the other hand, the Mexican Sergio Pérez had a great gesture after this publication. In the picture, ‘Checo’ responded to Albon and left him a meaningful message. You will be back. You are still very young and talented. Don’t give up, ”Pérez wrote. The Mexican will be in his 11th season in Formula 1, and will have the best car of his career.

Sergio Perez

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