Where did the belly go? Andy Ruiz showed his abdomen and assures that he lost 10 more kilos in recent weeks

¿Y la panza? Andy Ruiz mostró su abdomen y asegura que bajó 10 kilos más en las últimas semanas

Andy Ruiz keep working hard at the gym Eddy reynoso And he assures that in the last days he lost 10 kilos more in his physique, and even showed his abdomen, while he works hard in physical conditioning and in weights.

Even, Andy Ruiz he lifted his shirt to show the abdomen that has shrunk considerably in recent months since his rematch against Anthony Joshua who came up with an obvious overweight.

“I can’t even breathe, or speak,” he says Andy in a video that he uploaded to his official account Youtube. «I am enjoying all this work. I’ve already lost 20 pounds.

The first Mexican world champion in the heavyweight division assures that it is the first time that he works with this intensity.

“It’s hard,” he says Andy. I’ve never done something like this in my life. I’ve never lifted weights, never had a disciplined workout.

In the gym of Eddy reynoso and the Canelo Alvarez in San Diego, Andy Ruiz work with other world champions.

“It feels good to work with him Canelo Team“, said Ruiz. There is motivation here. To be among champions with the same energy, the same focus.

Ruiz he’s working hard in the San Diego gym with a fitness coach. The trainer explained in the video that he seeks to reduce body fat from Andy and increase muscle mass.

«This goes for you, AJ«Says Andy Ruiz while struggling to get the last rep of an exercise out.

“All the training and sacrifice will pay us if God wants,” he promises Andy. «We are going to do everything possible to get the belts back, with the team and the Eddy. We are going to get chingones ».

He even had words for his former coach Manny robles with whom he broke relationship after the defeat in the rematch against Joshua.

“I’m glad to be here,” he said Andy Ruiz. «I understand that Manny robles (his former coach) is angry that I came here, and he said it was up to me. And he’s right, it’s up to me. And that is why I am here to work hard, to change, to make a difference for my life, and for my children and my loved ones.

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