Carlos Sainz’s harsh warning to Ferrari: “It has its importance”

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz came to Ferrari fulfilling one of the dreams of his life. The Spanish finished a spectacular season with Mclaren, which opened the doors of one of the most important teams in the paddock of the Formula 1. In recent days, Sainz has already appeared before the engineers of the Italian factory, at a dinner to celebrate the end of the year with Charles Leclerc.

This Monday, Carlos Sainz held an advertising event at the kart track that bears his name in the city of Madrid. In addition, he gave a press conference to the media present on the circuit. In this, Sainz had as the central axis of the questions, his first days in the Italian team and his objectives for next year, in which he warned the tifosi and gave them some illusion.

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First time at Ferrari

To begin with, Sainz highlighted how he experienced his first visit to Maranello and confessed that he forgot to wear his helmet. «It was an official jumpsuit, without sponsors, but it was already the same one that I will use in the tests, made to measure. You see that it looks good on you, you look in the mirror and think: ‘this is happening’. I have already gotten into a Ferrari for the first time to make the seat. An anecdote is that I did not take the helmet and I got on with the Marc Gene. I can say that the first day I got into a Ferrari it was with Marc’s helmet.

2021 Goals

On the other hand, the Madrid driver stressed that he wants to win next year with Ferrari, despite the fact that the performance of the cars is not as expected. “Whenever you dream of Ferrari, you dream of winning. The two words are very united. I’m going to give everything to try and make it happen but there is a long way to go for that to happen, a restructuring to do and a lot of improvement to be made for the team for what it is ».

“Being a Ferrari driver has its importance, but my goal is to be the same as those years. It is key because it has been part of the progress I have made, and there is nothing that scares me other than myself, the fact of being from Ferrari does not have to change your personality. I’ll take my philosophy of working there and that’s it. There is no one or nothing that prevents me from continuing to be who I am »,

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