The incredible definition of Max Verstappen that surprised everyone: “He has to learn”

Max Verstappen

Driving capabilities of Max verstappen they are more than known. The Dutch rider demonstrated from his debut in the Formula 1, who is called to be the future idol of the fans. On the other hand, in the final race of 2020, it became clear that Verstappen does not have a car to compete head-to-head against the Mercedes, who took all the titles this season.

Although Verstappen proved to be at the height of the great pilots, in the last hours it was known that Mark Webber, former pilot of Red bull, assured that the Dutchman must polish his skills. However, the Australian confirmed that little by little the Max was adapting to the fight, approaching Lewis Hamilton, which was the great dominator of the year.

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First, Webber highlighted Verstappen’s work in 2020, closing with a victory. “Max has done a very, very good job this season. He is in the final phase of honing his skills, if I may put it that way. Despite that, he assured that he must polish some things. ‘He’s still not Lewis Hamilton in relation to Sundays, but that’s normal. With regard to Saturdays, he is already beginning to match him in the rankings.

On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel’s former teammate commented that Verstappen’s work will pay off in the coming years. “You don’t win five world titles in your first five years in Formula 1. Nobody has. It’s about gaining experience, building a routine, and going through the usual rites of passage. He has to learn to deal with every possible situation, from having a dominant car to being back on the grid.


Max Verstappen is just 23 years old. The Dutchman is the youngest driver to win an official Formula 1 race. That is why his learning continues day by day. And Webber understands this. “Not many pilots are in such a situation of dominance and regularity. That is experience. You must learn that. He and Charles Leclerc they are the future of Formula 1 ″, he declared.

Mark Webber and Max Verstappen. Source: Formula 1

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