To see them a thousand times!  These were the best knockouts of the year in the UFC

In these hours, the official page of UFC on Instagram he voted for the best knockouts of the year, highlighting that of Joaquin buckley. The aforementioned was among the four best of this 2020, where they also appear Cody Garbrandt, Khaos williams and Kevin Holland. Of course, it is complicated with one of them, although the first one mentioned is the one that caused the most stir in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Cody Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt had a dream night at UFC 250, after he achieved a resounding victory over Brazilian Raphael Assunção. After he gave her a scandal KO, he was able to come out with a win after more than three years without doing it. That being the case, he was left with one of the best knockouts of the night and of the year, leaving a huge demonstration of technique and power. He himself wanted to raise his name again and he succeeded, without a doubt.

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Joaquin buckley

When the knockout had yet to appear at UFC Fight Island 5, Joaquin buckley came with the most shocking of the year, at least for many. Then the question went over to whether Impa Kasanganay received the Decade. Clearly there was an impressive moment on Abu Dhabi’s “island of struggle”, when the American made a devastating turn in the air and hit his opponent’s face squarely. Thus, the night got better than ever and the networks exploded with images never seen before.

Khaos williams

Abdul Razak Alhassan was the one who left one of the most impressive images of the year, but not because of something positive for him. The Ethiopian was nowhere near the madness of Khaos williams, on the night of the Ultimate Fight Championship in Las Vegas. It only took thirty seconds for me to close my eyes and end up sleeping on the mat. Although it was a very fast KO, the brutality of the impact and the reaction of the opponent’s body were what went viral.

Kevin Holland

In one of the best matches of UFC 256, Kevin Holland he knocked out his rival in an impressive way and left several with their mouths open. One of those who was left like this was precisely his rival, Jacaré Souza, but he made him unconscious. The Brazilian received a spectacular blow, falling completely asleep on the canvas of the Octagon. In Las Vegas, the American took one of the best finishes home.

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