Playing at Christmas, the custom Campazzo will have to adapt to in the NBA

Jugar en Navidad, la costumbre a la que Campazzo se tendrá que adaptar en la NBA

An atypical NBA season began on December 22 compared to 2019-20, however, there is a tradition that started 73 years ago and that, despite the fact that the world is going through a pandemic, it will not change: play at Christmas.

In a normal campaign, almost half of the matches this season would have already been played, but this time it will be the exception since not only will it be the second game for the teams, but there will also be no public in the stadiums. Facundo Campazzo will make his debut on this special day against the Los Angeles Clippers, which due to time difference will be on the 26th at 00:30 in our country.

The NBA didn’t exist yet -was founded in 1949- and basketball was ruled by the BAA (Basketball Association of America). And it was under this association when in 1947 New York Knicks and Providence Steamrollers inaugurated the famous tradition before 15,427 spectators in the old Madison Square Garden. Who won? The New York franchise by 89-75.

Since that year, the most important league in this sport, except for 1998, was on the sports calendar. The reason why it was suspended? A lockout. It was a work strike that started in that year and ended in 1999, forcing to reduce the schedule to 50 games. During that time trading and transferring players was totally prohibited. Not to mention training or playing, which was quickly discarded.

Who played the most times on December 25

The franchise that had to go to the court the most at Christmas time was New York Knicks, who played 53 games. Others, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, 46, Boston Celtics, 33, Detroit Pistons, 32, Philadelphia 76ers, 32, Sacramento Kings, 29 and Golden State Warriors, 29, are also common on this traditional date.

Which games will be played at Christmas 2020

Miami Heat – New Orleans Pelicans

The finalist team from last season, who lost in their debut, will face at the American Airlines Arena who they knew how to beat the 2019 NBA champions 113-99.

Milwaukee Bucks – Golden State Warriors

Both lost in the first game, but those led by Stephen Curry will seek to leave behind last season, in which they finished last. This season, the San Francisco team will not have the presence of Klay Thompson either, after his Achilles injury.

Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets

The team that won the most rings in the history of the competition and that always finishes in the top places in the regular season will face, perhaps, the surprise of the Eastern Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers – Dallas Mavericks

They are the last champions and they also have LeBron James in their starting five, however that did not prevent them from being defeated against the next rival of Facundo Campazzo. On the other hand will be Luka Doncic, who in his debut had 32 points, had eight rebounds and assisted five times.

Denver Nuggets – Clippers

It will be the first time that Facundo Campazzo plays on December 25 in the NBA. After making his official debut against the Sacramento Kings, he will seek his first victory in the American league.

How was Campazzo’s debut in the NBA

After Emanuel Ginobili, Argentina once again had a representative in the best basketball league in the world: Facundo Campazzo. The Cordovan entered the average of the first quarter and debuted with a triple in the loss in supplementary by 124-122. Two and a half minutes to the close of the third quarter, the Argentine added his first three points.

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