Romain Grosjean

The consequences of the accident Romain grosjean at the Bahrain Grand Prix, fortunately they were not serious. The Frenchman hit the containment barrier at more than 250 kilometers per hour and his car exploded. Engulfed in flames, Grosjean was able to get out of the car on his own and suffered only burns to his arm and leg, which sidelined him from the last two races of the year.

Although it was more than a month after the accident, many have a fresh image of the Frenchman engulfed in fire and fighting for his life. That is why this Christmas could not be another one for Grosjean and his family. On Christmas Eve, his wife Marion shared a heartfelt message on social media for him and all the fans and followers.

Exciting! Romain Grosjean received a beautiful tribute from his children

In the preview of Christmas, Grosjean had shared an image in which he can be seen with his arms raised and celebrating that the recovery is progressing. Seven fingers are back to normal. This is a great Christmas gift, “he wrote on his Instagram account. In addition, he was very happy to celebrate the holidays with his loved ones.

«I really enjoyed Christmas. I am happy to be here with my 3 little monkeys and my wife! ”, He shared on his Twitter account. Her children were a critical part of getting out of the car, Grosjean said. In addition, they made him an exciting helmet to use in the last race of the Formula 1, which could not be. “I will try to wear it in the future because it is too nice to stay at home without using it.”

Message from his wife

On his Twitter account, the wife of the former pilot of Haas, Marion grosjean, wrote a greeting to the fans and a short text to her husband. «I am thinking of all those who are alone, this Christmas Eve … I know that I could have been left without a husband, and I do not dare to imagine your sadness; a thousand kisses for you, honestly. To all, wonderful vacations. Take care of yourselves and yours! ”He wrote.

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