Andrés Nocioni: “Campazzo is going to do very well but it will be difficult for him to adapt”

Andrés Nocioni: “A Campazzo le va a ir muy bien pero le costará adaptarse”

Andres Nocioni, an authorized word in Argentine basketball, was very optimistic with the debut of his compatriot, Facundo Campazzo in the NBA. The former Bulls, Kings, Sixers and his teammate in Real Madrid of Spain, analyzed the point guard’s first performances with the Denver Nuggets.

You will do very well, but it will be difficult for you to adapt. He has a show and many conditions, also the competitive part and it’s the best on the market “, he assured in a radio interview with Super Miter Deportivo.

In addition, Nocioni compared his performances with those of other compatriots who made it to the United States league: “If one sees the story of Argentines in the NBA, not everyone had large amounts of minutes on the court. It was my turn because I arrived in Chicago, which was unarmed, and Manu (Ginobili). But it’s an NBA show, and it’s mega competitive “.

On the other hand, the former forward of the Argentine National Team brought reassurance to basketball fans regarding his playing time, although he views the Nuggets’ style of play as favorable. “We fans are anxious, We think it takes many minutes to enter and it seems to me that we are wrong. Denver is a great team, with expectations to fight in the West and is well aligned. The way of playing Denver has a European flair and that’s why Campazzo is going to adapt, although it will take a while “he explained.

“The NBA is more individual. Facundo is going to have to endure the transition, obviously it shocks you to see it little. There are very few players like Luka Doncic, who set foot and was directly a figure “, continued the former player.

Before concluding, he bought the difficulties he had when arriving in the Spanish capital and the great role that he ended up playing: “External life influences, is another language, another life. When Campazzo arrived at Real Madrid, it cost him but he ended up owning the team. I don’t know if he will take over in the NBA, but I’m sure he will excel “.

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