Boca Juniors vs. Hurricane – Party Report – December 27, 2020

Boca Juniors vs.  Hurricane - Party Report - December 27, 2020

Boca closed 2020 in the best way: it beat Huracán 3-0 at La Bombonera and remained at the top of the Maradona Cup Championship Zone.

The end of this very special season ended up being round for the xeneize, which in March shouted champion by winning the tournament against River on the last date, and a few days ago it was ranked among the four best in America by eliminating Racing from the Copa Libertadores .

Russo, relieved by the victory against the Academy in the week, chose to put a substitute team and give rest to figures such as Tévez, who did not go to the bank, Salvio and Andrada, among others.

Thus, he formed a line of four defenders with Buffarini, Zambrano, Avila and Mas, joined the youthful Zeballos, Capaldo and Varela in the middle, plus Cardona’s skill, and above the experienced Zárate and Abila.

Huracán came out to stand in the middle of the court and looking to play as equals, with long balls from the defenders for the forwards.

However, Boca warned at 6 minutes with a great move by Zeballos on the right, whose shot hit the crossbar when he had overtaken Cambeses.

At 25 minutes, when Huracán was at its best, a long pass from Varela to Mas on the left disarmed the visitor’s defense. The qualification arrived for Cardona, who in a movement cleared his marker and assisted Wanchope Abila so that the forward scored the 1-0.

Hurricane kept looking and Rossi covered very well a shot that was destined for a goal, but near the end came another blow for the Globe. A slow exit and another advance from the kid Varela, with a great game, enabled Wanchope again, who defined the goalkeeper’s left post very well for the 2-0.

In the complement, Boca seemed to stand further back to come out quickly against, and immediately Cardona had a great chance that Cambeses covered. And Abila, with a scissors, was close to the third.

Hurricane was looking but without generating much danger, except for two appearances by Chávez that were well resolved by goalkeeper Rossi. At 44, Villa, who had entered through Zeballos, enabled Obando, who replaced Mauro Zárate, and the youth from outside the area closed the game with a left-footed shot at the corner.

A goal that can be important because in the event of a tie in first place, the goal difference will be key to reach the final.

Now, rest is coming. Boca finished the winner and Russo was satisfied with Abila’s goals and the good performance of the substitutes, thinking about everything that comes from 2021.

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