Horror! Jon Jones scares his social networks with war rifles: “Let’s do this again”

Horror!  Jon Jones scares his social networks with war rifles: "Let's do this again"

Jon jones, legendary fighter of UFC, He was shown on social networks with different types of firearms and attracted the attention of his fans. The extraordinary American mixed martial artist caused fear with his military rifles, as well as showing how he trains with them. In this way, he received thousands of comments from his followers, which showed him a lot of support for what is coming in his career as a professional MMA.

On his personal Instagram account, he has more than 5.5 million followers, where he has just shared several videos in recent days. There, the aforementioned was shown training his dog, but, in addition, he caught everyone’s attention because of the way he handles his firearms. “Let’s try this shit * again”, was what he wrote in one of the audiovisuals he shared in these hours.

There is trust! Coaches believe Jon Jones can revolutionize Heavyweights

Friend of arms

The UFC star and legend, Jon jones, posted a video on Instagram a long time ago, where he is seen armed chasing a subject. He himself left a message at the bottom of the post, so it was hinted that it was precisely a thief he wanted to reach. From what can be seen in the images, a person approached the cars of the residence of the historic fighter, which was obviously not a good idea.

“The next time you try to rob someone, make sure you are quick enough to outrun them. You’re lucky I’m smart enough not to shoot a man while he’s leaving. People, I know times are getting tough, but your life is not worth a few material possessions, “commented the legendary Mixed Martial Arts fighter for the situation that did not happen.

What’s coming for him

Jon jones (26-1) jumped to Heavyweights a short time ago, understanding that his work in the previous division was done and that he could go for more. Therefore, he highlighted: «I resigned from the Semi-Complete championship because I knew that my goals at heavyweight are going to take some time. He didn’t want to play games with the contenders and have them fight for interim titles. So the throne can rest a little.

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