Very hard! Red Bull gave the reasons for the replacement of Alex Albon: “You take what they give you, right?”

Alexander Albon

Two weeks ago the team Red bull confirmed one of the most anticipated news of the 2020 season: Sergio Perez took the place of Alex albon for next year. Pérez’s results and Albon’s poor performance led the Austrian team leaders to make the decision. However, the real reasons were announced this Friday by the hand of Christian horner.

The Red Bull team boss stressed that Pérez’s work was essential to ‘descend’ to Albon. However, he believes that the Thai would have to have done a bit more strength to be in the top positions. On the other hand, he stressed that Albon is grateful to the Austrian team, although they will not take it into account for next season.

Will there be preference? Sergio Pérez must face Max Verstappen for the championship

“You take what they give you, right?” Horner fired on Albon’s results in the 2020 season. The Thai achieved only two podiums in the year, while his teammate Max verstappen he was left with 11 (two of them were victories). On the other hand, the Red Bull team boss commented that despite the results, Albon is a driver to be reckoned with.

Pérez’s choice

“He is a great runner, he is an absolute gentleman within the team. He is very popular within the team because he is a very nice guy. That is what has made this decision more difficult. But when you look at the data and trust the facts and not the emotions, Sergio is the logical choice, “added Christian Horner in an interview for various media outlets.

To close, Horner assured that Albon could have done better. «This year’s car has been difficult. I think it has improved significantly throughout the year, especially in the last third of the year. But again, it’s what you do with what you have, right? I think the difference between Alex and Max has remained consistent from Austria to certainly Bahrain. He had a good career in Abu Dhabi, “he said.

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