What madness! Is the cross between Amanda Nunes and Jake Paul coming ?: «I’m inside»

What madness!  Is the cross between Amanda Nunes and Jake Paul coming ?: «I'm inside»

The best fighter of all time Amanda nunes, has no problem dealing with Jake paul, famous youtuber. The latter is a celebrity of the networks and American boxer, who has begun to make much more noise even in recent times. He challenged several UFC legends himself, with Conor McGregor and Ben Askren being his main targets. Therefore, the fans are crying out for someone to leave him silent.

That was precisely where Dana White, the President of the company, appeared, who offered to Amanda nunes in a Boxing match. Quickly came the response from the Brazilian champion, who said: “I’m in.” Of course, these words quickly went viral and lovers of Mixed Martial Arts began to ask for the contest on social networks. Without a doubt, Paul is beginning to make even more enemies.

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Anyway, the words that came later from Jake were the ones that rang out the most. He disparaged the surname of Nunes, so he made many angry. “No, I wouldn’t fight her. Waste of time. Nobody knows who she is. There is not much hype there. Also, there is no story. I want to knock Dillon out because we’ve been talking shit back and forth for 2 years. I slept with his girlfriend, he is hurt by that, there is a story behind it, “he dictated.

To close with his words, Paul He also commented, “So why would I waste my time doing nonsense like that.” In this way, the American youtuber believes that this would be the best fight for his future, since it could deposit him in a cross against Conor McGregor. Taking into account the relationship that the Irishman has with Dillon Denis, the American wants to destroy his friend to try to anger him.

His words to McGregor

On Monday, December 14, Jake paul decided to make fun of McGregor on social media. There he said, ‘What the fuck is going on, Irishman? Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you’re probably hitting old folks in a bar right now, or maybe you’re jerking off because you’re sick of doing it with your wife. I mean, she has four, Conor. You could do much better. But happy Monday.

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