Better than ever! Cub Swanson excites his followers with what is coming: “I would like to go back in”

Better than ever!  Cub Swanson excites his followers with what is coming: "I would like to go back in"

The extraordinary mixed martial artist, Cub swanson (27-11 MMA, 12-7 UFC), wants to explode again in UFC. He did the same against Daniel Pineda (27-14 MMA, 4-5 UFC) at UFC 256, finishing with a shocking knockout in his favor. It should be noted that this took the second place in the history of the UFC with the most victories in the featherweight. He reached his 17th win and is currently behind José Aldo (18).

Knowing the above, Swanson He stated: “I knew when I was sitting between the first and second rounds on the stool that the fight was almost over. My cornerback was trying to give me some advice, but really I was just thinking ‘this is about to end’. I was saying to myself: ‘Don’t kick any more. It’s a bit unnecessary. ‘ But he knew he couldn’t recover. I saw the way he wobbled after I dropped him into the first one.

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“I got some good elbows at the end of the round, but I knew he couldn’t recover and it would only take another shot for him to really wobble. He was really sure he would get him out of there in the second round. The four-game losing streak was different for my career. I felt it was hard to shake and it got to a point, even in the Kron (Gracie) fight, where I had so much time between fights and you think about the last time you were there, “he also acknowledged.

Is very satisfied

At the same time, Cub He said: “The motivation for me has been the most difficult. When I was very young, and everyone who has been a fan of mine since the WEC days, I was tough as nails, brave and that’s what turned me on. I am not those things anymore. I’m not scared, but I plan ahead. I am strategic. I am smarter and I am a different person than I was. Researching and finding out where your head is when a fight is about to come, I used to get to a dark place and that’s not really a place I want to go anymore.

I’d like to go back in. I took a year off and this time I felt the difference. I realize that, little by little, I am just as fast, just as sharp. It’s just that I need longer rest days. At most camps on the weekends, I would sometimes take Saturday and Sunday off instead of just one day. And that’s fine. I only listen to my body and I know how to get the best out of myself without trying too hard, “he said. Cub swanson to close with his words.

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