Clean fists! The video of Khamzat Chimaev training blows that is viral in networks

Clean fists!  The video of Khamzat Chimaev training blows that is viral in networks

Khamzat Chimaev, Swedish fighter who was the best of 2020 in UFC, is viral in networks for training clean fists. The official Instagram account of Fullviolence He shared a video of the aforementioned, in which he sees how he hits a rival in the gym. He is amused by an opponent, the one who returned him with the same power and intensity. This way, he’s clearly not loosening up to be the king of the division any sooner.

Chimaev was chosen as the best of 2020, so now he wants to repeat it in 2021. To do this, he challenged one of the best current champions: «Usman is a good fighter, but he does not have that knockout blow like me and he does not have fight like me. What is he going to do? If I do my hard work in the gym, no one can beat me in the fight. I could see myself with him, or with anyone else. I am confident and I know that nobody will beat me in the cage ».

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What’s coming for him

The cross between Leon Edwards and Khamzat Chimaev It was treated for December of this 2020, but something unexpected arose and the date was moved. The extraordinary American fighter tested positive for COVID-19 and had to withdraw from the long-awaited fight he was going to have against the Swede. Although the confrontation has not been completely suspended, it is eagerly awaited for January 2021. The date has already been agreed, but there could be modifications.

A few days ago, Leon spoke with the press and explained what would happen with Khamzat: “Outside of a title shot, I think it’s the biggest fight. Obviously, Jorge Masvidal would have been fine too, but he turned down the fight. This is the biggest fight to guarantee me what’s next. That was my thought when addressing this. The UFC loves him. Dana White loves it. They all think it can’t be beat.

“When I go out and eliminate it, I don’t see what they can say next to give me my shot at the title. He would be on a nine-game winning streak. I think this was the fight to do and now here we are. The guy is special. I have been in this game all my life, I have never seen anything like him “, he also added, making it clear that it will not be easy to collide with the power of the Swede. Who will win? The bets go with Khamzat.

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