Roy Jones and the day his Olympic gold was stolen in Seoul 1988; promised to leave boxing

Roy Jones y el día que le robaron el oro olímpico en Seul 1988, prometió irse del boxeo

Roy jones jr he was close to not having been the great boxing legend that he is today, and this as a consequence of his controversial defeat in the fight for the gold medal in the Olympic Games from Seoul 1988.

“I was disgusted,” he said Jones about that experience in an interview with Shannon sharpe. “I said that maybe that was not the sport for me, because every time you run a race and finish first but don’t win, there is something wrong with that sport. Maybe boxing wasn’t for me.

Roy jones jr competed in the super welterweight division in the Seoul Olympics in 1988. The American advanced without problems, but in the final he ran into a fighter representing the organizing country, the South Korean Park Si-hun. The Korean had won another controversial decision in the semi-finals. Roy completely dominated the actions and landed 86 punches, while Park just only 32. In addition, Park They had to give him two standing counts, and despite this, he won the fight in a 3-2 split decision.

The American, faced with injustice, had to keep the silver medal in

I should stop boxing and let it go, he thought. Jones. Then I got home and realized that it could be a blessing in disguise. Because afterward, no one was looking for those who won gold medals. They were looking for guys who had been cheated on, and who got the silver medal, which blew my mind. “

That thought changed the feeling from Seoul 1988 to Roy Jones

“This quickly showed me that God can turn your worst nightmare into your greatest blessing,” says Jones. “At my worst, when I was at the lowest point in my life. I had sacrificed nine years and they robbed me, I thought that was it for me. I was more famous than everyone. Even the guys who won the gold medal.

The rest is history. Roy jones jr He became a world reference in boxing for years and had one of the most fruitful careers in recent times.

Jones jr recently returned to boxing in an exhibition match against Mike tyson, duel that culminated in a draw and relived the best moments of both.

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