A show! Anthony Smith’s UFC Request: “I Like That Fight”

A show!  Anthony Smith's UFC Request: "I Like That Fight"

The renowned and veteran fighter of UFC, Anthony Smith, you want to remove the bad times from your head. The aforementioned returned to victory at UFC Vegas 15, but in these hours revealed surnames that he wants for this 2021. Clearly it has been a more than complicated year for the 32-year-old American, so he seeks to get out in the best way in a well he entered more than two seasons ago. That being the case, he made a special request.

Knowing the above, Smith He started by saying, ‘I like that fight. Honestly, I enjoy fighting people that I enjoy watching, if that makes any sense. I’ve always liked watching Devin fight. I can’t tell you how many times he’s shown up and we’ve been watching the fights as a family, and I’ve always said I like to see that guy fight. He has a lot of heart. He gets into a really ugly takedown, prolongs the fights. It was fun being able to fight that guy.

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“I also like to see fight Paul craig. I like his style of jiu-jitsu. I like how it progresses. His interviews are fun. I really do not know. I also like Jimmy Crute. He has always been super respectful. We tweet back and forth after each of us has fought. I really do not care. For me, it’s more about the moment than the opponent. I like that kind of February / March timeline. That’s all I’m really focused on, ”he also acknowledged.

He wants to explode in 2021

Likewise, Anthony He explained, “One of the best and worst things about me when it comes to the media and talking to you is that I tell you exactly what I’m thinking, when I’m thinking it. When I brought up the subject of middleweight, that was just a thought in my head at the time. But once I got home and sat down and thought about it, I realized that it was the worst idea that ever occurred to me. So it’s just a thought at the time. “

“I’d like to gain maybe five more pounds of lean mass would be nice. Just make me a little bit bigger, keep getting stronger, but I’ll stay at light heavyweight. Light heavyweight is definitely where I’m going to stay. At this stage and with my age, and where I am in my career, losing a weight category is definitely not going to be beneficial “, he closed Anthony Smith, who wants a 2021 to claim.

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