Dakar Rally 2021: Candidates, categories and details of the 43rd edition of the most difficult race in the world

Rally Dakar

From this Sunday, until January 15, 2021, a new edition of the historical Dakar Rally. For the third time, the test will take place in only one country, in this case in Saudi Arabia. The race will consist of 13 stages and will start from the city of Jeddah, arrived at the same place, 12 days later. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) put its development in check, but eventually it will start as usual.

With several names that will give various news over the next few weeks, the 43rd edition of the test will take place despite the restrictions of the Arab country. These days, the most important pilots will be doing PCR tests, to enter without problems. This Tuesday the news was confirmed that the companion of Nani Rome, tested positive after three weeks of contagion.

Tremendous! First casualty due to COVID-19 of the Dakar Rally


The Dakar Rally does not only have the famous cars in your participant list. Also added to the journey will be motorcycles, quads, trucks and the new SSV (Light vehicles). Also, there will be a new category in 2021. Classic cars. This will be with cars and trucks prior to the year 2000 and the competitors must meet a set time.

Winners 2020

In the last edition of the Dakar Rally there were five categories and each of them had a champion. Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz they stayed with the test in cars. For his part, in motorcycles, the winner was the American Ricky brabec. In the Quads, the champion was the Chilean Ignacio Casale. The Russians Andrey Karginov, Andrey mokeev and Igor Leonov they did the same in trucks. Finally, in SSV, Casey currie and Sean Berriman they were victorious.


Starting next week the best drivers in the specialty will be measured in a more than demanding test. Carlos Sainz is the main candidate to take a new victory. However, Sebastien loeb is the rival to beat. Ignacio Casale will compete in the test again, although this time he will get on a team truck Buggyra Racing.

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