De La Hoya despises Canelo and wants a rematch with Mayweather in their comeback fight

De la Hoya desdeña al Canelo y quiere revancha con Mayweather en su pelea de regreso

Oscar de la hoya continues in the idea of ​​returning to active boxing, and now aims to have a rematch with Floyd mayweather jr, disdaining in passing Canelo.

“I’ve always prided myself on fighting the best, and why go after the second best?” From the pot to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV The express question of would you like to fight with him Canelo. «Why not look for Mayweather, for example, in a rematch fight? That is something very intriguing. We’ll see how I feel and then we’ll go from there.

With revenge, De La Hoya wants to remove the thorn with Mayweather

De La Hoya and Mayweather They met on May 5, 2007, in a mega fight that was close. Floyd surpassed Oscar by decision divide and from there, Mayweather began its history as the top star of the Pay-Per-View.

“Any fight that you have lost or that was close to being won is always a thorn that remains nailed,” he said. From the pot about that fight with Mayweather. “I strongly believe that with the way I feel, and the way I’ve been training and the way things are developing, it could be very interesting.”

In the words of From the pot there seems to be a disdain for him Canelo Alvarez. The theme of Mayweather came out in the interview because the interviewer asks him about a fight with the Canelo. AND From the pot replied that why fight with the second best, if he could go for Mayweather.

I would definitely think about it (a fight with the Canelo)”, said From the pot about a fight are Saul. “But my gaze is on a bigger prize.”

From the pot He acknowledges that he has not even sparred ahead of his possible return to boxing.

“Sparring is the next phase of training,” he said. From the pot. “I want to make my decision very carefully and think about it after training. It will happen very soon.

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