Gustavo Poyet rejected Peñarol’s offer: What were his motives?

Gustavo Poyet rejected Peñarol's offer: What were his motives?

This week the Peñarol board of directorsThe new coach of the main squad will be announced after receiving the refusal of Gustavo Poyet last Saturday, for whom there was unanimity among the leaders. Guillermo Varela, a member of the new Mirasol Board of Directors, explained this situation.

“We have to understand that we are in a very complex scenarioThis has conditioned the analysis we have done because the Uruguayan government, by closing the country’s borders, allowing entry only on January 11 and forcing anyone who arrives in Uruguay to be in quarantine for seven days, makes a Peñarol technical director who comes from abroad arrives just on January 18 to set foot in Los Aromos with a championship already started”, Varela began recounting in the program ‘100% Deporte’ (Radio Sport 890).

And he continued: “Then Within the options we had to prioritize those that were in Uruguay. We spoke with Gustavo (Poyet) and his advantage was that he had already issued his ticket to Uruguay before December 16, so he could be in the country on January 3 or 4. We had even thought that the quarantine would be carried out in Los Aromos and we had a solution that brought the parties closer together, but that only resolved Gustavo’s individual issue, his core work involves other professionals who are European, who work with him and who did not have the possibility of fulfilling the same as Gustavo in terms of dates”.

On December 20, the Uruguayan government announced the closure of borders from Monday, January 21 to January 10, with the possibility of extending it for 60 more days. The only exception would be for those who had already purchased a ticket to Uruguay before the 16th.

“Also, for Asking a foreigner to move his family in the midst of the pandemic creates great uncertainty, the fragility that we all feel with the pandemic multiplies when we go to live abroad and that was a variable that Poyet did not handle until December and when we began to bring the parties together, it ended up playing a lot against the possibility for Gustavo to arrive now ” Varela commented.

On Saturday the 26th, the Peñarol board of directors informed Poyet of the decision to be the coach, but the Uruguayan coach rejected the proposal due to the impossibility of working with his own coaching staff.

Varela commented if they were surprised by Poyet’s response, taking into account that they had already had several conversations previously: “Given this reasoning We were not surprised by his decision not to accept, but it did obviously upset us a bit because it was a name of absolute consensus, both in Pablo Bengoechea, who is the voice of command in this decision, and in the leaders; but that happens in football and we must keep looking for solutions ”.

The Aurinegro leader stated: “Poyet is very frank, very open. I think what happened, then he spoke with me apologizing and feeling bad about the situation, that’s it, and like all professionals abroad, he began to realize that his arrival was a viable option when we started to give him information. , and then when he had to adjust the plugs to pack the suitcases and come, this inconvenience affected him a lot ”.

“He told me that I had to understand that ‘what we coaches don’t change much is our assistant, we go everywhere with our assistant, our physical trainer, we are a team, this time it’s my turn to miss a unique opportunity.’ Gustavo wanted to be close to his mother, and to honor a historical wish of his father who was very much a fan of Peñarol. These are things that happen due to this particular moment that we are living, we always had a very frank and constructive dialogue with him, ”added Varela.

The manager commented that Poyet had been his personal candidate for several weeks but remarked: “I am also seduced by Pablo’s explanation and the evaluations that we have made with other professionals and those points in favor of being on Uruguayan soil today. In addition, one always has the desire that the coach do well and that he can have a successful career at the club for a long time; in other words, the club needs to generate new technical directors, such as Gregorio Pérez or maestro Tabárez, who are successful having Peñarol’s DNA ”.

Varela valued that “Poyet asks for positions, not names of players” but assured that “I have also found that in other professionals who are here and are the ones who now run with the possibility of having a chance at Peñarol.”

“It is true that we have a much more advanced possibility than the others; We always had a very short list of candidates for coach, with very specific names “said the manager who said that surely this week the board will announce the new coach.

Regarding the squad, Varela mainly highlighted the agreement that was reached with Atlético Mineiro that allows ensuring the continuity of David Terans at least until the end of the 2020 Uruguayan Championship.

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