Immense! Anthony Smith, with full confidence for what is to come: “I really do”

Immense!  Anthony Smith, with full confidence for what is to come: "I really do"

Anthony Smith returned to victory in the UFC Vegas 15, but in these hours revealed data for what is to come in his career. He himself, who won and is already looking to the future, made it clear that he did not go through good times in 2020 and wants to change all that in 2021. Clearly it has been a more than complicated year for the 32-year-old American, so who seeks to emerge in the best way from a well that he entered more than two seasons ago.

Being this way, Smith He began by explaining: ‘I had too many coals in the fire. There are many guys who do both and cannot do both at the same time. Like Daniel Cormier, he doesn’t work when a fight is coming up. Paul Felder, for the most part, doesn’t take on any broadcast gigs when a fight is coming up. I thought maybe I could do both, but I just couldn’t. It’s too much traveling.

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It’s too long away from home. I’m already out of the house. I just had to realize that I can’t do everything. I can’t handle everything and focus on one fight at the same time. I just have to keep fighting the main thing and the main focus and do what I can out of it. Sirius XM has been insane allowing me to cut my schedule down to an hour, or not at all in the weeks when I’m busy or tired or exhausted and just need a break, “he also added.

The years weigh

On the other hand, Anthony revealed, “Again as I get older I need to spend more time resting and recovering and just relaxing my mind and taking those breaks instead of trying to do so much. I love doing analyst things. I really do. I already have two analyst jobs. I’ll be there in mid-December and then another in February. I just think I’ll have to back down when I have a fight.

“That was the one that came to mind because my coach had mentioned it. My coach likes that showdown, and I think he tweeted that he wanted to fight. I like that fight. Honestly, I enjoy fighting people that I enjoy watching, if that makes any sense. I’ve always liked watching Devin fight. I cannot tell you how many times he has appeared and we have been watching the fights as a family, and I have always said that I like to see that guy fight, “he said. Anthony Smith.

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