Roger Federer’s atypical 2020

Roger Federer's atypical 2020

Roger Federer He went to the rhythm of the world and put an impasse in his tennis career to undergo a knee operation to try to start in the best way in 2021.

Despite the atypicality of this season, Federer for the second time in his career brought the season to an abrupt end. just as it had happened in 2016.

Without the motivation of Tokyo Olympics suspended due to coronavirus pandemic, the Swiss rounded out a short 2020 season where he did not add no title.

There were only six games that the Swiss played in the season, all in the Australian Open. There, Federer reached the semifinals and then fell to Djokovic although at that time he was already showing the physical discomfort that afflicted him and took him away from the courts.

In February, and despite the aforementioned inconveniences, Federer starred alongside Rafael Nadal the “Match for Africa”, in Cape Town. At the exhibition and with the actor Trevor noah and the businessman Bill gates, shook audiences and raised more than $ 3.5 million for their cause.

During the month of June, in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, Federer underwent a new operation on his right knee that would put an end to the 2020 season, which, at that time, was a mystery. However, the Swiss clarified afterwards that it was not to feel pain and that there would be no more future operations.

After a logical impasse in his presentation and with the return of the circuit in August, Federer reappeared with a heartfelt message for his friend Rafael Nadal after he equaled him with 20 Grand Slams crowns after having won his 13th Roland Garros.

The goal seemed to be set to return for the Australian Open 2021 but in the last week of the year it was confirmed that the Swiss will be absent from the AO for the first time in this century. His return is expected for the European cement tour, in France or Rotterdam.

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