Scandal at Indy Lights! They asked for nude photos to have a seat

Indy Lights

Women are making their way into world motorsport every day. In an environment dominated for the most part by men, those who aspire to reach the top ranks hope to have a level playing field to fight for a place on the different teams. However, the possibilities are not the best for women who enter sports. This Tuesday, a scandal broke out in the American category, Indy lights.

In the last hours Emma kimilainen, a Finnish pilot made a very harsh confession, which revealed the sexist treatment that some women receive when negotiating a contract. According to Kimilainen, a crew chief for the American Indy Lights category asked her to take nude photos of herself in order to sign her contract. This occurred in 2010, but did not give details of the team that made that request.

A woman in Formula 1? The change proposed by the category in 2021

Kimilainen confessed to the Shikaani podcast that the team had a magazine sponsorship and that she wanted her to take bikini photos for publication. However, the proposal was changing. «I was going there, but I called because I wanted to know well. From there, the response was: ‘We have had some disagreements with our partner. They originally asked us for bikini photos, but now the photos must be topless. I asked what was going on until it became clear that this partner was an ‘erotic men’s magazine’ “, said the current pilot of the W-Series.

“Fortunately, today that offer seems absurd and incorrect, but the world was quite different ten years ago in relation to women’s rights and equality in general. In competition there were girls on the grill with little clothes and women who showed themselves with a sexist image associated with the motorcycle industry, “added the Finn. Starting in 2021, the W-Series will accompany the Formula 1 at the Grand Prix.

Support for

After this confession, Kimilainen assured that she is very grateful for the support she received in recent days. I have no words. It’s incredibly hard to say things like this because you don’t want them to negatively affect your career. I’m not one to complain about what ifs. My journey is not over yet, let’s run! ”He said on social media.

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