Shawn Porter warns he won’t accept a million dollars to fight Terence Crawford

Shawn Porter rechazó un millón de dólares para pelear con Terence Crawford

Shawn porter warns Bob arum you shouldn’t see him as a cheap fighter to face Terence crawford and that it will not accept a low amount of money.

“I will not accept a million dollars,” he said. Porter to The Porter Way Podcast. “I did my best to send a message to Bob arum, and I also know people who know Bob. And I said, ‘Tell Mr. Arum that I don’t mean to disrespect you, and I know I don’t. If you plan to offer me little money, don’t do it. If you feel that this is the way to get a fight with me, you better not do it.

Shawn porter is emphatic that it is not an option to step out and get a cheap fight to Terence Crawford.

“Don’t do it,” he insists Porter. However, if you want the fight to happen, don’t haggle me for the money. I am worth over a million dollars. Fuck a million dollars. I’m going to keep it as clean as possible, but I’m not going to fight Terence crawford for a million dollars. “

Shawn Porter not ruling out a fight with Terence Crawford

Porter He has made it clear in and out of the ring that he is ready to face any elite 147-pound fighter, but this with the proviso that it is done for the right money.

A fight with Terence crawford It is a duel that the fans would accept without much problem, even though the one that has really been requested for a long time is a unification with Errol spence jr.

“We will fight next year, as long as the money is right”, said Porter. “Other than that, what would I have to discuss? We will fight in the Las Vegas MGM. We are not going anywhere else to fight. Even if there are no fans, I have been there and I have. I think the world needs it (the fight with Crawford) ».

However, Shawn Porter recognizes that there is a possibility that he will not be able to finalize quality opponents.

“If next year comes and I don’t get the fight with Terence, nor with Errol spence, and for some reason, Manny pacquiao is not willing to fight me, “he explains Porter. “I have already expressed my disinterest in fighting with Keith thurman, but again, I understand that if that’s the only thing I can get, but then he gets injured or something, you might not see Shawn porter fight in 2021 ″.

Porter He sounds very clear and honest when it comes to confessing that he will not be in action in 2021 if he does not get a level fight, and the least he intends to do is fight against opponents of little renown or level.

This, especially if they haven’t earned the right to meet the former welterweight world champion of the WBC and FIB.

Say no to young fighters

“I’m not going to fight any of the young fighters,” he warned. Porter. “There are guys who haven’t earned the right to be in the ring with me and I’m not going to take a step back,” he said. Porter. “This will be the Fight of the Year or a candidate for the Fight of the Year,” he said. Porter about a fight between him and Crawford.

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