The saddest part: the dead in the history of the Dakar Rally

Rally Dakar

The preview of Dakar Rally remember the best moments in the history of the event. In addition to the most spectacular images of motorsport, there are also the most desperate situations. Throughout the history of the Rally, there were 42 deaths directly related to the development of the event.

The first deceased in the history of the Rally was the motorcyclist Patrick Dodin in 1979. At that time the test was taking place on its traditional route, in Africa. Dodin lost his life after a fall in Agadés, Nigeria. Two years later, two team technicians IVECO, were victims of a very hard accident in Algeria.

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Thierry Sabine

In 1986, the test developed a new edition. At that time the journey was from Paris to Dakar. The first special test of that edition was the Japanese Yasuo Kaneko had a fatal accident. A few days later, a helicopter in Nigeria crashed, killing five people. Among the victims of the crash was Thierry Sabine, creator of the Rally.

In 1988 the most difficult Rally in the world came with the second most tragic edition in its history. The Dutch Kees Van loevezij, a truck driver, had a six-lap rollover in Nigeria. Patick canado, from France, also lost his life after a collision with another driver. In addition, a 10-year-old girl died after being run over by a competitor.

Paulo Gonçalves

The Portuguese pilot Paulo Gonçalves he was the last to die in the test. In 2020 he died from a very hard accident in the seventh stage of the 42nd edition. After falling off his motorcycle, he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. The organization’s helicopter arrived quickly, and he was transferred to an Arab hospital. However, he was unable to overcome the injuries.

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