The UAR determined the measures for what happened with Matera, Petti and Socino

The UAR determined the measures for what happened with Matera, Petti and Socino

The Argentine Rugby Union published a statement in which it determined the actions to be taken by the viralized tweets during the Three Nations of Pablo Matera, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino. The Commission considered that the damage caused, which was recognized by the players themselves, should be remedied, so the members of Los Pumas must take certain actions.

The full statement from the Argentine Rugby Union:

The Argentine Rugby Union reports that the Disciplinary Commission has completed an exhaustive investigation process, which took four weeks, to take measures related to the publication on social networks of different racist, xenophobic and discriminatory expressions of the players Pablo Nicolás Matera, Guido Petti Pagadizabal and Santiago Gabriel Socino, made eight years or more ago.

After taking testimonial statements from the players, coaches and key witnesses and incorporating other elements of evidence, the Disciplinary Commission concluded with the corresponding disciplinary process, holding that, considering the time elapsed between the date of the investigated facts and the present time, the action it is prescribed.

Notwithstanding this, the Commission considered that the damage caused, which was recognized by the players themselves, should be remedied.

For this purpose, the Disciplinary Commission raised the recommendation for the application of restorative measures to the UAR Board of Directors, which were defined in a session held today.

The Board of Directors resolved – unanimously by its members – to accept the suggestion of the Disciplinary Commission, as follows:

1. Ratifying the categorical condemnation of all racist, xenophobic and discriminatory expressions, the UAR makes its own the learning of organizations with a long history in the battle against hate speech. Education to avoid the repetition of these attitudes, as well as instances of repentance and remediation, are complementary with punitive actions (not applicable in this case due to the time that has elapsed) to address an effective treatment of this problem.

2. Consequently, it is provided that, as a condition of eligibility for future calls for national teams, the players Matera, Petti and Socino must:

  • Participate in a 6-hour course that will take place in three days of 2 hours each, with two objectives: 1) to become aware of where prejudices arise and the consequences they have in relationships between people and 2) to prepare them to participate in the Rugby 2030 “Discriminatory Stereotypes and Prejudices” program, towards A New Culture.

  • Record a video with educational content on “Discriminatory stereotypes and prejudices”, which will be used as a reference pedagogical resource for players. Spend 2 days, each player, in the space for exchanging experiences with the players who take the course, on the days that they coordinate with the players.

  • Additionally, this Board of Directors will favorably evaluate any other restorative action that the players voluntarily decide to carry out in a complementary manner to the actions considered here.

  • In due course and prior to a new call, the Board of Directors, through the relevant areas of the UAR, will control the effective fulfillment of these restorative activities, in order to resolve the questions of eligibility for future participation in representative teams nationals and / or eligibility to occupy the captaincy of the team, issues that this Council will resolve in due course.

  • Consequently, the eligibility of the three players is subject to compliance with the restorative measures imposed and this Board of Directors withdraws the endorsement of Pablo Matera’s captaincy until the restorative measures are satisfactorily completed.

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