Very sad! Aljamain Sterling and a childhood full of abuse: “I don’t have many positive memories”

Very sad!  Aljamain Sterling and a childhood full of abuse: "I don't have many positive memories"

The American who was going for the title in the UFC 256, Aljamain Sterling, revealed terrible facts about his childhood and adolescence. The extraordinary fighter had a father who was not exemplary at all and, what weighed against many, strengthened him. Therefore, the aforementioned wants to exploit the entity that Dana White leads, so he left some words about it. Counting what had to happen, he received thousands of messages of support.

Understanding the above and the bad times that happened in your life, Aljamain Sterling acknowledged the following: “I don’t have many positive memories of my dad. It made us feel small, weak, stupid, useless. He was very autonomous, motivated. Part of that impulse was just anger and kind of an attempt to prove a point where, you know, ‘Dad, I could do this without you. I could do this on my own. ‘

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On the other hand, his sister, Sofari Sterling, also left a few words about what happened when they were children and adolescents. In this way, he communicated: “Looking at all the past trauma that he has experienced up to where he is now, he is already a champion. I have no doubt that it is so. What he has had to overcome and leave behind is truly incredible. Its strength is gigantic. For me, there is no doubt that he is already a champion.

His present in UFC

Now the stars finally align, once again, with Cory Sandhagen eliminating Marlon Moraes. If Marlon did win, I’m pretty sure that UFC would have said: ‘Well, Marlon deserves another chance because Henry Cejudo retired, he’s a striker, he knocked out the guys, this would be a great champion for the Brazilian market. Bla bla bla. He beat Sterling three years ago, “was what he said. Sterling long time.

Also, after getting off his title defense against Aljamain Sterling, Petr Yan highlighted: “Everything is valid for the fight. It will be postponed for about a month and a half, but everything is in order. There were different problems, with the flight, with the visa, during the training I flew for a visa deadline, many factors. We decided with the team to move everything to next year, perhaps the card is more appropriate ”.

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