Video: Watch the most shocking historical accidents of the Dakar Rally

Rally Dakar

He Dakar Rally it is in its early stage. Next Sunday in Saudi Arabia will take place the most difficult test in the world of discipline. With the figures of Carlos Sainz, Nani Roma, Sebastien Loeb, among others, the journey in the Arab country will be very complicated. This will once again cause fans to see the most spectacular images of the motor world.

The difficulty is enormous when crossing the desert and the dunes. That is why the most experienced Dakar riders tend to gain a great advantage on the sand or gravel stages. On the other hand, novices or less experienced ones can have great scares, since it is common for many to carry out accidents when crossing these sectors.

The Dakar Rally is coming! The most incredible curiosities of the 43rd edition of the most difficult race in the world

Fernando Alonso

2020 began with a new challenge for Fernando Alonso. After trying his luck in different categories, the two-time champion of Formula 1 tried his luck at the Rally. Together with Marc Coma, the Asturian faced the Dakar Rally with great preparation. However, he starred in a fairly strong accident, which fortunately had no consequences. Finally, Alonso finished in 15th position.

Carlos Sainz

The ‘Matador’ starred in two brutal accidents in his time as a Dakar driver. The first of them was when the test was taking place in South America, in 2009. That time Carlos Sainz fell down a very high ravine after looking for a curve that was poorly marked. On that occasion, your navigator, Lucas Cruz, had a severe injury to his shoulder.

The second was perhaps the most brutal of his career. In the test developed in 2017, also in South America, Sainz took a tremendous blow that fortunately had no major consequences. The Spaniard and Lucas Cruz overturned at high speed, and were inches away from taking two fans who were watching closely.

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