Barcelona vs. Eibar – Match Report – December 29, 2020

Barcelona vs.  Eibar - Match Report - December 29, 2020

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, correspondent) – Eibar, a team that always lost at the Camp Nou, that was always beaten and that has historically been one of the friendliest visitors to Barça, exposed all the miseries of the team of Ronald Koeman, who fired 2020 in a bad way, giving up a terrible draw that only demolishes the spirits and league options of a Barça without direction.

The League has no longer been drawn in Barca for many weeks, but as the days go by, the feeling of mismanagement increases in a team that the absence of Messi caused an absolute short-circuit to complete one night, another, to forget.

Eibar, always beaten at the Camp Nou, took a fatal draw. Fatal for this misguided Barça and without possible direction. A major disaster.

Repeating the Valladolid scheme, with the only mandatory changes of Junior Firpo by Jordi Alba and Griezmann by Messi, Koeman hinted at an approach identical to that of the last day … But the bet was not, at all, as lucky as in Pucela. Disorderly, burdened by pressure from Eibar and unable to control the game, Barça’s first half was a real nonsense.

He only arrived in danger twice in the rival area: the first sanctioned with a penalty to Araújo, very soon, and the second in a goal well disallowed to Braithwaite for offside. The Dane, by the way, missed the penalty, which he threw out in what was the beginning of that authentic drama in which the entire first half became.

The grotesque reached such a level that, with hardly a shot on goal, Eibar gave a greater sense of danger when he circled Ter Stegen’s area, in addition to clearly bothering Barça with a very high pressure that clearly facilitated his defensive work.


Koeman reacted during the halftime by giving Dembélé an entrance with an off Dest, with the intention, supposedly, of giving greater speed to the Barça offensive game, but the game continued to be as flat as in the first half, only with Pedri shining on mediocrity generalized.

And giving way in the blink of an eye to two key plays. First, a magnificent, deep pass from the canary to Dembélé, who stood alone in front of Dmitrovic to crash his shot at the goalkeeper, finishing off in a horrible way after De Jong … And, immediately afterwards, all the alarms went off.

A lack of control by Araújo in the center of the field caused Kike García to steal the ball and leave quickly towards Ter Stegen, who he beat with a tight shot to place the 0-1 on the scoreboard and cause all kinds of tremors in a Barça sunken.

Headless, disorderly and overwhelmed, the Barça team took a step forward, but without any logical idea, moving the ball without rhyme or reason to the despair of Pedri, who asked for prominence without being attended while both De Jong and Pjanic were still unable to give rhythm to the game.

Fortune enlightened him with another rise on the wing by Junior Firpo, perhaps from how little he was able to stand out in the game, and a low center that found Dembélé’s cross shot to get the equalizer. By then, Coutinho and Trincao were already in the field, in a desperate attempt by Koeman to give more weight to the attack and taking advantage of the fact that Eibar, fatigued by the effort, began to take a step back.

The final stretch of the game was a succession of attacks by Barça, increasingly locking up the rival and looking for a comeback as necessary as it is unlikely in view of the increasingly evident disorder and urgency of a desperate team.

And it is over. With Coutinho injured, with Trincao missing one last chance and Barça, once again, sunk in misery.

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