Be? Scott Coker says AJ McKee will be the next global sports star

Be?  Scott Coker says AJ McKee will be the next global sports star

AJ McKee remains undefeated at Bellator, going 17-0 in his favor, so Scott coker filled him with praise in these hours. Clearly those numbers warn whoever wants to face him, but best of all is how he has achieved it. His last amateur fight was in 2014, when he was just 19 years old. From there, everything went uphill for him and he accomplished impressive things. For this reason, the president is excited about this man.

In an interview he gave a few hours ago, Coker He began by explaining, “We didn’t want to throw it to the bottom too early because we really felt it was something special. However, he had to win these fights. It’s not like he’s fighting taxi drivers. He was fighting real fights, guys who could potentially beat him to his level of talent. But it kept getting better and better.

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“I think he’s already a big star for Bellator, and he’s on his way to becoming a megastar for Bellator and the sport. And, really, it will be up to us to promote it properly and keep it there, “he also asserted, making it clear that he wants to keep it in his company and thus be able to enjoy it for many more years. Sure, every MMA company wants to have it, but for now, it stays there.

There are hopes

On the other hand, Scott He also highlighted how young he is and what he can achieve in his next years. Although he already has a 17-0 in his favor, the president believes he can stretch it for much more. “Here is a boy who is extremely intelligent. He is a handsome boy. It is well built. It is marketable. You can speak. He has this arrogance about him, and I call it the X factor. Some people have it and some don’t, “he added.

“He will definitely have the opportunity to raise his level of how people feel about him being the best in the world when he faces the winner of the fight between Sánchez and ‘Pitbull’ in the final of this tournament,” he concluded Scott coker, who is obviously more than happy to have AJ McKee in your company. Today, at 25, he waits in the semifinals for the winner of Patricio Freire and Emmanuel Sánchez, a duel that would take place in February.

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