Carlos Sainz: the great candidate to win the Dakar Rally 2021

Rally Dakar

Carlos Sainz, ‘El Matador’, is considered the best Rally driver in the history of the specialty. According to fans, the two-time champion of WRC marked a before and after in the category. However, after his retirement, he devoted himself fully to another of his passions: the Dakar Rally. With three victories (2010, 2018 and 2020), he is the leading candidate to win the most difficult race in the world.

After arriving in Saudi Arabia, the Madrilenian was part of the usual press conference before the Rally. In this were the last winners of the last edition. That is why the Spanish answered the questions of some of the media present and others by video conference. According to Sainz, the motivation for this race is fundamental.

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‘El matador’ assured that to be able to compete at 58 years of this test, it is necessary to have a competitive mentality. “I am not lacking in motivation, otherwise I would not be participating in the Dakar at my age. I am not looking for any system because I am super motivated and, to this day, I have the same illusion as an 18-year-old boy and that is what keeps me participating in this race, “he said on Tuesday.

He also added that passion is important when it comes to hanging gloves and helmet. “Staying motivated to continue participating is easy, because I love running and I enjoy driving to the fullest. Maybe when I take off my helmet people will see me serious, but inside there is a big smile because I still enjoy every time I get in a race car. If you do not enjoy and do not have that passion, it is very difficult to think that you will arrive prepared for the next edition.


To close the conference, Sainz assured that he continues with the same work methodology as in his WRC years. “I don’t know if there is a ‘Sainz method’. I have had the same formula for many years and it works very well for me: work. It is clear that, if you do not apply yourself, surely victories will never come. My method is the same as always, the same one I used when I was racing in the World Rally Championship: trying to prepare myself as best as possible, both physically and psychologically, and together with the team to have the car ready », the Spaniard concluded.

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