Is he right? John Kavanagh gives Poirier little life to McGregor: “We can see that”

Is he right?  John Kavanagh gives Poirier little life to McGregor: "We can see that"

John kavanagh supports Conor McGregor (22-4 MMA, 10-2 UFC), who will meet for the second time against Dustin Poirier (26-6 MMA, 18-5 CFU). At UFC 257, the Irishman will have a unique opportunity to get close to the title again, against an opponent who will not make things easy at all. Now, with a rather heavy preparation that both have had, this January 23 they will meet again after six years. This being the case, the former champion’s own coach believes that the American is at a disadvantage.

In this way, Kavanah He started by saying, ‘I think it has definitely improved. There are a few more takedown attempts now in his fights. I have not seen it before, it has a good guillotine. We can see that. Then its volume, its conditioning, it seems right. You can see in his fights that he has the ability to take a lot of punishments and still show up. Pick any of his last fights to see that quality. Yet he is fighting an animal unlike any of those guys. “

Can’t believe it! John Kavanagh claims that the McGregor vs. Poirier 2 be for the title

“Someone with true one-punch knockout power that he’s already felt. I think you could spend your whole life talking to sports psychologists and talking to this or that person, that is not going to be erased from their mind. There is nothing to say when you have really seriously hurt someone like that so fast. It’s not like it was a decision win or maybe some kind of argument to be made, or it was a bit of a back and forth and Conor shot, “he added to his words.

It will be a historic evening

Likewise, John He also recounted: «It was a bad night for Dustin. When you look at some of the shots he’s taken, he’s a bigger man now, and you could say that maybe there’s some argument that he can take more shots now, but he’s also fighting a bigger man. If you remember the fight, the opening hook kick, he just whistled past his head. A couple of inches lower and that could have topped the Jose Aldo fight. So look, they have both matured physically, in terms of their age, now they are 30 years old and they are families.

«Dustin has had a couple more contests than Conor since then in the Octagon, but Conor never stopped training. Poirier knows he is faced with someone who can turn off his lights very, very quickly and is now much more powerful and much more experienced than he was then. It’s a tough, uphill battle for Dustin, but Dustin is a phenomenal fighter, a great fighter, and I know that he and Conor have certain agreements, charity stuff outside, which is great. ” John kavanagh.

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