Lethal! Jared Gordon aims all the guns to be a new UFC star: “In the right place”

Lethal!  Jared Gordon aims all the guns to be a new UFC star: "In the right place"

Jared gordon (16-4 MMA, 4-3 UFC) is a former CFFC 145-pound champion, so now he wants to explode in UFC. The aforementioned knew how to do his things well to defeat Michel Quiñones in the second round, in what was his debut in the company in 2017. Anyway, he went over the featherweight limit by three pounds and not everything was golden. The lack of weight caused a move to Lightweight, where he was 2-3. Now, it seeks to vindicate itself.

Being that way, a few hours ago, Gordon He had an interview with the press and highlighted the following at first: “I am in the right place. I just got a new contract, I’m coming off a win, I have a nice raise, I’m back at 45. I really feel like I’m going to step up here. I think I’m flying under the radar too. My game is underrated. I have a skill set that most people don’t have.

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“When I take people down, they usually don’t get up. I’m hitting you on the court and on dirt shots, I’m in the top five in the history of UFC. I think I am in front of GSP, and I am behind Kamaru (Usman), I am behind Khabib (Nurmagomedov) and Tatiana Suarez. I put numbers. I knock you down, you’re going to have a difficult time there, “he also added to his sayings, making it clear that he trusts himself more than anyone else.

Want the glory

On the other hand, Jared He tries to throw off his next rivals with his crazy numbers: “If you look at me on paper, it’s like, ‘Oh, this guy is 4-3.’ I lost to two guys who are in the top 10, Ferreira and Oliveira. My other loss is in a ‘Fight of the Night’ where I was winning every round, every judge’s scorecard – my hamstring ripped out of my pelvis so I was on one leg in the third round. ” .

“If you know what you’re talking about and if you look at my history on paper, you say ‘well this guy has fought some monsters’ and I was fighting outside of my weight class. So I think I’m flying under the radar, and I know I’m going to get it right and I’m going to cry, “he closed Jared gordon, knowing that you can give much more than what you have already shown. Your new contract with UFC It gives you hope, wanting to take every opportunity you get.

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