Madness in MMA! Jake Paul could fight a Bellator star in the cage

Madness in MMA!  Jake Paul could fight a Bellator star in the cage

In these hours, a bomb rang in the world of MMA, knowing that Jake paul I could fight in Bellator. The youtuber and American boxer, who have caused a furor in these months, is in talks with Dillon Danis. There is no doubt that his arrival in Mixed Martial Arts would be very eye-catching for fans. Thus, Scott coker, president of the company, left a few words about what may happen.

Understanding the above, Coker He mentioned: “First of all Ben Askren, I know you are angry about what I said. I apologize. It went straight to you, but the result did not diminish your accolades and all your victories and successes in MMA. My only point with the guys from Paul, Jake and Logan, these guys are really taking this very seriously. They are in the gym, they are boxing every day. They are surrounded by serious boxers and boxers. World-class level and this is what they do.

Fear? Ben Askren humiliated Jake Paul: “He disappeared when I accepted his proposal”

“My only point when he said he wanted to fight Ben Askren, you know what’s going to happen. Because for me, they are choosing fighters or types of jiu-jitsu over those who have an advantage. That was really my point. Why don’t you fight one of our guys like Douglas Lima, who can attack too? Why don’t you choose one of our strikers? Why don’t you fight with a guy like Ryan Bader, who can attack or Vadim Nemkov, who can attack? ”, He said in turn.

Will it be one and one?

On the other hand, Scott He also recounted: “They’re definitely going after some of our MMA guys and they’re just trying to pick the fighter or type of jiu-jitsu that will put them at a serious disadvantage. For me, that was more my point. You are also great fighters. They wrestled in high school or maybe college in Ohio. But if he’s really going to fight Logan, I still feel like he’s at a disadvantage because he’s not a forward.

“For me, come fight an MMA fighter in MMA or come fight an MMA fighter who can really attack. I would love to see that. Let’s do one and one. You fight them in boxing. If you want to fight with Dillon Danis, ahead. But go back and fight him in MMA and I know just about it. It should not be a one-way street. Listen, if you’re going to call our guys, it has to make sense. Let’s be fair about it. You want to test yourself and them. That is a fair contest. But I don’t see that happening soon “, he closed Scott coker.

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