The 5 highest paid boxers of the decade, according to Essentially Sports

Los 5 boxeadores mejor pagados de la década, según Essentially Sports

The portal Essentially Sports conducted a study of who were the highest paid boxers in the decade from 2010 to 2020 for bags, and other income. And for this he chose the five fighters who made the most money.

The highest paid boxers of the decade

1. Floyd Mayweather

«He is the richest fighter in this sport. A large portion of his ring appearances this decade exceeded roughly $ 100 million. Money he purely used the business side of the sport and won more than anyone.

In his last step in professional boxing, Mayweather he pocketed an impressive $ 275 million. It was in his fight with the star of UFC, Conor McGregor and the PPV bus shot up.

His fight with Manny pacquiao generated revenue of around $ 600 million. According Bleacher Report, Mayweather won $ 180 million against the Philippine senator. Mayweather He also makes a huge amount of money from his endorsements, the clothing line TMT and your company Mayweather Promotions. He estimates his net worth at about $ 560 million. “

He ranks first among the highest paid boxers of the decade by far.

2. Manny Pacquiao

«Pacman He made roughly $ 20 to $ 25 million per fight before taking on Floyd mayweather in the most lucrative boxing match. Although he lost his battle to the American in this fight, Pacquiao took home a huge amount of more than $ 120 million. The senator is still fighting and pocketing a substantial amount of money. His net worth is around $ 200 million. “

3. Canelo Alvarez

“Two years ago, Alvarez signed an agreement with DAZN for an impressive $ 365 million for 11 fights. The deal was for a 3-year course. This would have generated the Canelo between $ 35 million and $ 40 million per fight, but the deal was canceled due to legal problems.

However the Canelo has made huge profits this decade since his fight with Floyd mayweather in 2013. He took home $ 12 million in that fight. Since then, there has been no going back for him, who on average makes between $ 25 million and $ 30 million per fight today. In his last fight against Callum smith, Alvarez made more than $ 25 million. His net worth is estimated to be around $ 140 million.

4. Anthony Joshua

«Joshua he has had several classic encounters so far. Last year, his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr. it was worth approximately $ 35 million. Joshua won this rematch after suffering the biggest surprise of his career against Ruiz. He has a massive profile on social media and is followed by millions.

AJ He is a staunch advocate for his sponsors. Some major brands like Under Armor, Jaguar Land Rover, Beats and Sky Sports they are aligned with it. Earn countless money for your sponsorships.

According Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is around 80 million dollars. He is nineteenth on the list of the highest paid athletes in Forbes«.

5. Tyson Fury

“He Gypsy King took a hit on the table in the boxing world by knocking out the mighty Deontay Wilder. Although their first confrontation ended in a disheartening draw, Fury He left no stones unturned in their rematch. He made nearly $ 28 million in this rematch.

Fury He already had substantial earnings prior to this fight, but without a doubt, this fight has increased his share of the boxing world. Fans assume that his fight bag from now on will be even bigger, as he will most likely face his archrival. Anthony Joshua and will have a probable trilogy with Deontay Wilder in the next years.

He has a net worth of approximately $ 30 million.

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