The story of Belén Ameijenda: She has spina bifida and wants to make motor racing history

Belén Ameijenda

Sport is usually a great reason for improvement and pride of people. Many see in the different disciplines a great showcase of the harsh reality they live. In case of Bethlehem Ameijenda is incredible. With a tremendous history of overcoming, this young Argentine seeks to enter the motor world and make history in motorsport in her country.

Born on May 20, 1996, Belén Ameijenda has a myelomeningocele condition, better known as spina bifida. Belén lives in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Saavedra and has one goal in mind: to enter motorsport in 2021. The young driver hopes to be in the most important categories of motorsport in Argentina.

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Belén’s goal for 2021 is to be present in the category Formula 1100 from Buenos Aires. In case of being able to take part in the tests, she will become the first pilot with a disability to participate. A few weeks ago she was able to get on a car in the category and these days she completed the procedures to get her medical license that enables her to compete.

In her words, the pilot hopes to take the first step so that other people are encouraged to overcome the barriers that prevent her from fulfilling her dreams. This is going to get other people excited. Being the first woman to achieve this implies a responsibility and it is a pride to be able to represent people who do not dare to be involved in sport, “she told ‘La Unión Magazine’ a few days ago. In addition, sponsors or collaborators who want to get closer to the project can do so through Belén’s social networks.

Other cases

At the international level there is an emblematic. Robert Kubica competed during the 2019 season in the Formula 1, with the team Williams. The Pole had an accident in a rally race that caused a problem in one of his hands. In Argentina, there is also the case of Juan Maria Nimo. This pilot lost the mobility of his legs after an accident several years ago and is currently competing in the category TC Mouras.

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