Tremendous! At Red Bull they are already pressuring Sergio Pérez: «I shouldn’t …»

Sergio Pérez

Sergio Perez He saved his year with one of the most anticipated news of his sports career. The Mexican will be part of the team Red bull after showing that he is prepared to be in one of the most important teams in the paddock of the Formula 1. However, not everything will be easy in 2021 for Pérez. In the absence of a few days to say goodbye to the year that is ending, the leaders are already putting pressure on him.

Red Bull’s Senior Advisor, Helmut Marko, gave an interview to the German media ‘Motorsport Total’ and made it clear what is expected for next year by the Mexican. In addition, Marko gave details of the reasons for the decision they made. In his words, Sakhir’s Grand Prix victory was decisive for his options in the team.

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Although the 2021 season has not yet started, the Red Bull advisor has already started sending tasks to Pérez. According to Marko, it is expected that both the Mexican and Max verstappen are not too far from each other. «Pérez has to be within walking distance of Max at the competition level. In the classification we will see: nobody has reached the level of Max so far. It can not be more than two tenths, “he said.


On the other hand, Marko assured that there are two fundamental factors for the decision of the arrival of Pérez to be made. “The first reason we signed him is that it was undoubtedly his best season since he was in Formula 1. The other reason is the race he won. George Russell at Mercedes It didn’t get very close, despite having better tires.

Finally, the former Austrian driver pointed out that the consistency of the former Racing point was another of the factors that were taken into account. “Pérez’s performance was absolutely great all year, especially in the second half of the season. The victory was useful because in the psychological part another obstacle was broken. Once you win, you are much more relaxed. That further rounded the general picture in favor of Pérez, “he said.

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