Video: the most spectacular accidents of 2020 in Formula 1

Romain Grosjean

Accidents are common in the world of motor sport. However, the Formula 1 it usually gives the most spectacular images and the most dramatic moments. This season, incidents on the track were not far behind. From the tremendous crash at the Grand Prix of Tuscany, to the horrific fire that led to Romain grosjean.

The Grand Prix of Tuscany came to the Mugello circuit with great expectations. The Italian circuit usually receives MotoGP, and never had an official Formula 1 race on its asphalt. However, a race relaunch after a caution generated a very shocking moment for the fans. After the test was relaunched, several cars were involved in a multiple crash.

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Several drivers saw how the car pack that was generated by the slowing of the leaders became dangerous. The camera on board Carlos Sainz gave one of the most chilling images, seeing how the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi got on top of him. This is stupid for whoever is in charge. Do they want to kill us or what? ”Grosjean yelled over the radio.

Carlos Sainz was involved in another tough accident at the Russian Grand Prix. In the first lap of the race he wanted to avoid a touch that was in front of him, but ended up hitting hard against one of the walls of the circuit. Also, one lap later, Lance Stroll he spun after making a mistake and stayed against the barriers.

Romain grosjean

The most spectacular accident of the year, and perhaps of the last decade. Romain Grosjean was left with the most chilling images. At the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Frenchman hit more than 200 kilometers per hour. After the collision, the car burst into flames, causing burns to his hands and leg. Fortunately, the recovery process is already in its final stage.

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