Which? Lewis Hamilton chose the best race of 2020: “It was weird”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton continues to make his balance sheets for the year 2020. In this season, the Briton equaled the mark of Michael Schumacher with seven world titles. In addition, he beat the record for the most victories in the Formula 1, which also boasted ‘The Kaiser’. In a year that had no rivals, Hamilton dominated the championship from end to end, leaving no chances to Valtteri Bottas.

After the closing of the championship in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton gave an interview to the medium ‘Motorsport.com’ and chose the best race of the season according to his point of view. How could it be less, the Briton chose the Grand Prix of Turkey. After a very difficult race due to the weather conditions, Hamilton was left with the victory and the World Champion trophy.

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Hamilton assured that the choice of the race was not difficult, since the complications that occurred at the weekend allowed him to demonstrate his skills. “I think it was the best for me, in the circumstances that we faced as drivers, and being so pressured, the championship could be won at that moment. I would say that for me it was my best performance, “he said.

In addition, the pilot of Mercedes said that the working method did not change despite the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). “I always take one run at a time, it doesn’t change the focus at all. It’s just that the season started much later, which meant the normal build-up, the normal preparation for the race that you would have on the way to the first grand prix and getting ready for peak performance soon after, and then there were no races. for a period of time”.

Start the season later

Finally, the seven-time Formula 1 champion stressed that it was difficult to carry out this season and the work of Mercedes to be dominant. “I was trying to figure out the best way to train and prepare for the opportunity for the season to start. It was weird starting in the middle of the year, and everyone being in Europe and having the triplets back. But I think this year we have shown real strength and depth as a team, “he said.

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