Goodbye 2020! Sergio Pérez’s letter to say goodbye to the year: «it cost me to go back 100%»

Sergio Pérez

Every season that goes away must have its final reflections. All riders must take stock and bring out the good things, to be able to take advantage of the experience and face the new year with recharged batteries. However, Sergio Perez chose to take a slightly different path. The Mexican went from heaven to hell in a few days, and he expressed it that way.

This Wednesday in the official accounts of the pilot of Red bull, a ‘letter’ was released in which the Mexican makes a general balance of the season. In it, Pérez took the good things, but did not remove the bad. Point by point, Pérez detailed how he lived this hectic year and together with his fans said goodbye to the best season of his sports career.

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Beginning of the year

“We started the season with a competitive car and the results did not come. Then I got COVID-19 At the most critical point in my career, my wife and children were also infected. I missed two races in a very short season, I thought everything was lost, it was my worst moment of the year. It cost me to be one hundred percent again ”, the former pilot of Racing point.

Mid season

On the other hand, Pérez told how it was to lose his place for 2021 in Aston martin at the hands of Sebastian Vettel. “I was left without a seat and needed results, but the improvements were not coming to my car. We had a podium in our pocket but we failed in the strategy and we lost it, although we did get it in the following race. Of course, I had another podium in my hand in a key race for my future and the engine broke in the last laps ».

Final, victory and Red Bull

Around December, things turned round for ‘Checo’. The Mexican recovered from a very adverse situation and took a place in Red Bull for 2021. »We returned the following week with the least reliable engine of the entire season with the idea of ​​not penalizing and starting the race from behind. Race that meant my first victory in Formula 1 and the first for Mexico in more than 50 years, and thanks to that, we finished fourth in the World Cup. In the end, the opportunity for which I have been working for more than 25 years has come ”, said Pérez to close.

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