One month after the accident of Romain Grosjean: How is your recovery going?

Romain Grosjean

At the end of November, Romain grosjean suffered one of the most shocking accidents of the last years of the Formula 1. The Frenchman hit the protections of the Sakhir circuit at more than 200 kilometers per hour and his car exploded due to fuel. However, the physical consequences of the incident were not greater: only some burns on his hand and legs.

The Frenchman again updated his health status in an interview with the medium ‘’ and left many important statements. Although he detailed how his hand is, that of Haas He assured that he has a lot to learn about what happened in Sakhir. In addition, he confirmed that he already has a plan for his future: save the lives of the crashed pilots.

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Making his own way out of the crashed car, Grosjean waved his hands in pain. In addition, it was difficult for him to walk, since he had lost his boot and was burned. However, a month after the crash, the Frenchman is already much better. My hands are improving. I still have a bit of a hard time with the left and I’m limited with what I can do. The biggest problem is my left thumb, I can’t bend it, ”said Grosjean.


Although Grosjean had already related his accident, he spoke about it again. This time he assured that not losing consciousness was essential to saving his life. “After a 60G impact, you should lose consciousness even for a few seconds. You shouldn’t be as conscious as I was, but that’s what saved my life, “added number 8.

On the other hand, he said that he hopes that this accident will help many pilots to save their lives. «I would like us to understand how it can be improved, with sensors in the brain when there is an accident like this, what we can do better in the helmet, in the headrest and in safety in general so that the driver, even with a big impact, can stay aware and know what to do, “he said.

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Romain grosjean

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