Amazing! The figure that Lewis Hamilton wants to collect and that shakes the entire Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton

After a season full of records and proving that he is the best driver on the Formula 1 Grid, Lewis Hamilton started his career to continue in the team Mercedes in 2021. The Briton wants to remain in the best team of the highest category and face a new championship in search of being the best driver in the history of the Formula 1, at least in numbers.

In the last hours it was announced that the seven-time world champion began negotiations with the Mercedes team. The British pilot asked for a stratospheric figure. According to the Italian newspaper ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’, Hamilton asked Wolff a contract of 200 million euros for five years, being the highest paid rider in the paddock and one of the athletes with the best salary in the world.

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New contract

The economic crisis that the world is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) gave a tremendous blow to the aspirations of the different teams in the paddock to improve their performance. The structures had to accommodate their budget and try to divert all funds for the development of the 2021 car. However, Mercedes hopes to keep its main figure, whatever the cost.

For 2021 Hamilton hopes to continue in the top flight, and especially with the Mercedes team. According to the Italian newspaper, Hamilton would charge 50 million euros per year, exceeding the current contract. Despite this, the German structure seeks to have less spending than in 2020, which would further complicate the negotiations to renew.

The contract would be for four years, and Mercedes wants to stay with Hamilton in the short and long term. The Briton has already assured that he wants to continue in the top flight, at least until he feels he is losing speed and performance. In 2021, Hamilton can achieve the historic mark of eight world titles, and surpass Michael Schumacher.

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