Impeccable! Kayla Harrison, double gold medalist at the Olympics, is a figure in MMA

Impeccable!  Kayla Harrison, double gold medalist at the Olympics, is a figure in MMA

After two gold medals obtained in the Olympic Games, the judoka Kayla harrison stood out in the MMA. The aforementioned gave an interview to the press in these hours, where she expressed the anxiety and happiness that she feels at this time for being recognized in Mixed Martial Arts. While she hasn’t been able to keep up with Cris Cyborg, Amanda Nunes, or Ronda Rousey, her numbers are pretty positive for her and what’s next.

Thus, he began by highlighting the following: «145 pounds will definitely be more beneficial for the business of Kayla harrison Than 155. I wouldn’t say I’m happy to cut down to 145. I didn’t enjoy it. But I do know that in terms of opportunities, it’s going to be a better fit for me. We’ll see what happens to the PFL. I am going to finish my contractual duties. They are obviously working hard to get more new talent. I am very excited about that. But right now, take one fight at a time.

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I didn’t enjoy it. I was miserable. Like I said, I didn’t know if I was going to fight due to some problems, so I’m sitting alone in my room, should I order pizza? What am I doing this for? What is the point? It was tough, but mentally I know that if I can lose weight on my own in that scenario then I can do it anywhere. I am quite proud of myself. I was a professional. I did it the right way without starving, without panicking, “he also said.

Don’t lower your arms

For its part, Kayla he acknowledged: ‘It went well. I didn’t enjoy it, but it turned out fine. I have been quite patient. I’ve stayed the course despite the crazy year we’ve had. Everything happens for a reason. I think I have been very patient with my career. I did not rush. I haven’t stepped in after two fights and have tried fighting Amanda Nunes or Cris Cyborg. I think I have developed my skill set. I think I have grown enormously as a fighter and as a person.

“I think all the pieces are coming together. Right when I’m ready, right when I’m at my best, I’ll be able to execute my game plan and come out and fall like one of the best. I see it happening. It’s very exciting. I’m known in the MMA world, but I didn’t explode like Ronda Rousey. I didn’t go this overnight feeling. They didn’t push me too hard, not too fast. I did not stop developing certain areas of my game. I did not lose who I am. I think I’ve done everything right and when you do everything right, good things happen to those people “, he closed Kayla harrison.

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