Shocking! They murdered the daughter of a renowned UFC fighter and his words are all the rage

Shocking!  They murdered the daughter of a renowned UFC fighter and his words are all the rage

Of course the 2020 It was a difficult year for everyone, but there was a fighter of UFC who suffered more than expected. Walt harris suffered the murder of his stepdaughter, who was found dead at 19. On October 23, 2019, she had disappeared and, after much searching to find her alive, only her remains were found in Macon County, Alabama. In this way, the renowned mixed martial artist told how he went through that sad and hard moment.

“It is with great regret that we announce that the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has positively identified the remains as those of Aniah haley blanchard. At this point, the case will move forward as a homicide investigation and additional charges will be filed, ”Auburn police said in a statement. This being the case, the entire city was shaken by what happened, taking into account the magnitude of what happened.

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Harris’s word

In this way, Harris He began by explaining: «I was thinking in February I would like to go back. I need to take some time, mentally, for myself. I feel like I jumped back so fast after all. He hadn’t really distressed me properly, to be honest. I heard Anthony Smith say something after his recent win over Devin Clark, he spoke to someone and I think that will be key for me too. “

“I haven’t really talked to anyone, and I think that’s very important. Mental health is huge, and I have come to realize that more in the last year, or more than at any point in my life, how important it is. In streaks I have. It’s weird because I’ve been trying to keep busy and not think about it, and it has worked to a degree. Then there are those days when it just hits you, and I just fell apart, “he also acknowledged.

At the same time, Walt She recounted: “I don’t think I have grieved yet the way I had to, and I need to sit down and really assess the mental side. I’m about to talk to some sports psychologists. I have a therapist and I don’t see him as regularly as I should, but that part is key for me. I need to take that into consideration and do it again. But keeping me busy has tried to keep my mind from going to that super dark place, but we’ll figure all that out and I’ll be back stronger than ever for sure. “

“This is nothing that I’ve been through or what I want someone to go through, but some of the things I’ve been through up to this point have helped me endure. But this is uncharted territory for me and it’s something I definitely need to take a closer look at to make sure I’m okay. At the end of the day, sometimes we tend to forget ourselves because we are trying to take care of others and take care of others, “he closed Walt harris.

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