What a debut!  Former Bellator champion Michael Chandler, another of the stars of UFC 257

The intractable fighter, Michael Chandler, will collide with Dan hooker on January 23, having a debut in the UFC more than difficult. Thus, the former Bellator champion places first in the most important Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. While his rival has the potential to kill anyone, he promises to end his illusion. Taking into account the legacy he left in his previous company, he hopes to erase from the map everyone who crosses his path in this new stage.

Before the press, Chandler He started by explaining, “All I can do is make the best decision I can with the information I have and the UFC wants to get me one of the best. They want to see where I stand in the Lightweight division and all those names were thrown in. We decided on Dan hooker. In fact, he stepped forward and said that he wanted to fight me and I welcome that. I welcome all the trash talk.

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All the contempt. All the insults. But it really doesn’t matter. Once I get into that cage and the octagon door locks it will be 15 minutes for the best one to win and I’m excited to get out there and test my skills and I’m ready to go out there and prove that I deserve to be at the top echelon of the division. UFC lightweight and a guy who should be stepping into a title shot in 2021, ”he also dictated.

Goes for everything

However, Michael He expressed: “You want to be on that billboard. Also, the UFC wants another 155-pound fighter on that card in case there is an injury, in case there is a positive COVID test. Who knows what will happen. In the age of the coronavirus, it’s always good that the main event has a backup fight, so to speak, and it could be tapped for that. But for now my focus is on Dan hooker and get my first UFC win inside the Octagon. “

“I want to put a stamp on my presentation of who I am to UFC fans by ending with Dan hooker or master it. It really puts me in a position where maybe I’ll get the Conor-Poirier winner or get the next title shot against Khabib. I think if I go out and show my fighting skills too. Maybe I can convince Khabib to come back for the American fight against Russian sambo and see if he can go 30-0 and beat me, if he can. Michael Chandler.

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